Day 3 of Experience Conference: ‘God has a hidden mystery for you, not from you’

Day 3 of Experience Conference: ‘God has a hidden mystery for you, not from you’

On day three of the Experience Conference, game-changing Rhema was in abundant supply for the believers at The Maker’s House Chapel International at Point 1, Dome-Kwabenya in Accra.

Bible expositor, Pastor Jonathan Miller, who described his mandate on earth as a midwife to help deliver Christians into the experience of their new birth, was at his best.

Take this one for example: “The Kingdom of God, he said, is a mystery. But it is hidden for you, not from you.”

That line got the crowd thinking because it liberates that Christian tendency to leave things to God and empowers them to seek God in a relationship that encourages an expectation of answers.

Pastor Jonathan Miller

And then he talked about mountain-moving faith. He explained that the problem with Christians is that they have faith but often don’t operate under authority.

“There is a vast difference between walking in faith and walking in authority,” he said, opening another area for thought-provoking exposition.

Experience Conference 2018 is under the theme “Jesus, the Miracle Worker.”

Pastor Miller, who founded the New Beginnings Church in Orlando, USA, told the congregants that it is important to understand faith but also stressed the need to understand authority and as much as know the differences between faith and authority.

“Too many people have faith but they don’t know what to do with it because they don’t know how to convert that faith into authority…it’s not just your faith that will move your mountain it is your authority,” he explained further.

The man of God who has seen God perform miracles in many countries across the globe ended the night with a vigorous prayer that saw people receive instant healing from various physical and spiritual afflictions.

The conference runs every evening from 6.30 PM each weekday but in the morning on Saturday between 6 AM and 9 AM.

It will end Sunday with a special service by Bishop Miracle Williams from Nigeria.

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